High current dual rail regulator kit for power amplifier or bench power supply !

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Power Amplifier
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This is a kit of a high current dual rail regulator board.

The circuit is design around popular and common regulator IC LM317 and LM337, with the current being boosted by high current pass transistors to get to a current as high as 5A( with appropriate heatsink size).

The regulator is good for class A amplifier power supply application, or to be used as a dual rail or single rail bench power supply for testing and evaluation of audio amplifiers. Since each rail of the regulator is standalone( sharing the same ground ), the regulator can also be configured as a single rail regulator.

Recommended input voltage : 9Vx2 AC to 22Vx2 AC

Output voltage : 9V dc to 30V dc , 5A max.

We provide schematics and part list to the buyers by EMAIL.

PCB thickness 1.6mm.

PCB dimension 73mm x 88mm

Copper thickness : 75um ( 4 times normal copper thickness !)

Surface finishing : Gold plated, double-sided solder resist for maximum durability.

Kit options :

1. Standard kit : High quality components as in the pictures - 1% metal film resistors, Philips(BC) electrolytic and film caps etc. No power transistor. No large filtering capacitor.

2. Option A : standard kit plus the NPN and PNP power transistor 2 pairs. On Semi's NJW0302G/NJW0281G will be provided. Price : standard kit price plus US$10.00

3. Option B. : standard kit plus NPN/PNP power transistors and Elna for Audio 10,000uF 63V 2 pieces. Price : standard kit price plus US$30.00

We do air shipping worldwide at US$6.00.