High current Power Supply + CCS shunt regulator PCB !!

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This is a bare PSU PCB for audio amplifier application. It consists of two separate parts on the same board :

1. A high current rectification and filtering circuit ;

2. A low noise low impedance CCS shunt regulator.

This board is best to be used for power supply of integrated amplifier, where the high current side serves the power amplifier, and the shunt regulator serves the preamplifier, or for power amplifier that high current for the output drivers and the shunt regulator for voltage gain and input section.

The high current section can house 6 snap-in type filtering capacitors with lead pitch of 10mm and diameter of 35mm.

The shunt regulator section can provide shunt current good to 100mA or more, depending on the heatsink size and efficiency.

Specifications :

High current section:

Operating voltage : AC 15Vx2 to 55Vx2

Output voltage : DC +/- 20V to 75V

Shunt Regulation section :

Operating voltage : AC 26Vx2 to 55Vx2

Output voltage : DC +/-30V to +/-60V adjustable.

PCB dimension : 138mm x 138mm.

PCB thickness : 2mm

Copper thickness : 2 ounce copper ( 70um !) , gold-plated

Finishing : Double-sided solder-resist surface for utmost reliability.

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