Low noise Super High Current DC +4V to +30V 20A LT1083CP PSU bare PCB 1 piece !

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This listing is a bare board of a super heavy duty power supply making use of five pieces of popular LT1083CP low noise regulator IC ( Alternatively, LM338 can be used too, but the LM338 has a package of TO-220 and different lead pitch so the legs need to be stretched during soldering).
LT1083 family has been famous as a low noise low impedance design being used in audio circuitry like DAC circuitry , filament powering, to name a few.
LT1083CP has a current rating of 7A. Thus the theoretical maximum current rating is 35A. For practical application with massive heatsinking a continuous current of 20A is achievable.

The board allows an adjustable voltage range from DC +4V to +30V( single rail) by the on-board trimming potentiometer.

The board allows direct mounting of LM1083CP on the board and massive heatsink on the LM1083CP.

Operating voltage : AC 5Vx2 to 30Vx2



PCB dimension : 150mm x 122mm.


Board thickness : 1.6mm .
Board color : Blue.
PCB finishing : 75um copper thickness( four times normal thickness !) with gold plating surface. Both side has solder mask coated for maximum durability.
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