LT1963A very low noise 1.2V-20V 1.5A - 6A power supply PCB w/soft starting!

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This is a bare PCB of a super low noise power supply.

The board uses either Linear Technology's low noise and fast transient LT1963A, or LT1764A, or Texas Instruments TPS7A4501( a little bit longer formed leads and slightly better noise performance on book). The board allows either one regulator IC, or two regulator ICs in parallel to give a maximum current rating of 1.5A, 3A or 6A. Heatsink mounting on the PCB is a must with high and continuous current.

The board has implemented soft starting feature for application that requires such function such as tube filament power supply. After power is turned on, the output voltage will ramp up slowly in about 2.5 seconds before full voltage is reached.

The board contains two individual DC regulator sections. They can be used to feed two set of filaments or circuitry within a system. The two individual regulator sections are NOT intended to be connected in series to form a dual rail with positive and negative voltages.

Besides the conventional lead type components ( for the bridge rectifiers and filtering capacitors), hand-soldering-friendly 1812 and 1206 size SMT components are also employed. Users can solder these component with ease using a tweezers.

The board has provided certain copper surface for heat dissipation without using heatsink, when the current is 200mA or less. For higher current, heatsink must be added.

This is a listing of a piece of BARE PCB, the assembled board picture is for user to reference during assembly.

We provide schematic/part list and assembly suggestion to users by EMAIL.


Operating voltage : 5VAC to 25VAC

Regulation at +6.3V,300mA : better than 20mV



PCB dimension : 165mm x 78mm.


Board thickness : 1.6mm .
Board color : Green.
PCB finishing : 75um copper thickness with tin plating surface. Both side has solder mask coated for maximum durability.



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