Modular stereo preamplifier JC-2 kit premium parts ultimate performance !

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Modular stereo preamplifier JC-2 kit premium parts ultimate performance !


Note on 28 Feb 2016 : The shield cans are temporarily sold out. So we do not have option A and option B now. Instead, we offer 4 pairs of matched 2SK170BL/2SJ74BL with Idss >8.0mA as option C.

Note on 26th Apr 2015 : From now on we will ship option B with 4 pairs of matched 2SK170BL/2SJ74BL with Idss >8.0mA. ( Operating current is ~6mA)

This is an ultimate incarnation of the legendary preamplifier JC-2, taking a modular board approach.

The projects consists of three boards. The main board contains the coupling, feedback components and DC power lines and features a monoblock structure.

The two modules contain the broadband high current gain circuitry for left and right channel respectively.

In our test , when incorporating with our Kubota power supply kit, the preamplifier gives a very refined , detailed sound, extended low end and big soundstage.

On bench the circuit measured to have low distortion and boardband.


This kits features the best components :

1. non-magnetic Dale resistors ;

2. Silver mica capacitors ;

3. Highly reliable film capacitors ;

4. Zetex high gain high current linear transistors;

5. Elna Slimic II capacitors( replacing Cerafine with better performance) ;

5. Toshiba matched JFETs ( as an option) ;

6. Nice looking shield cans with laser etched fonts on the top of the shield can( as an option );

PCB dimension : Main board - 178mm x 153mm. Module boards : 50mm x 52mm.
PCB thickness : 2mm.
Copper thickness : 75um ( 4 times normal thickness).
Surface finishing : Double-sided solder resist for maximum reliability.

Kit option :

Standard Kit : All the components EXCEPT the JFETs, two shield cans and four coupling caps on the main board. The price listing is for the Standard kit.

Option A : Two shield cans. Extra price for option A is US$20.00

Option B : 4 pairs of matched JFETs + two shield cans. Extra price for option B on top of standard kit is US$88.00 .


Option C : 4 pairs of matched JFETs. Extra price for option C on top of standard kit is US$78.00 .

The four coupling caps are not included in this kit. Users can pick their favorite coupling capacitors.

Operating voltage : DC input +/-18V 50mA per channel.

This is a non-assembled kit. The assembled picture is for reference only.

We provide schematic and part list to buyers by EMAIL.