Modular stereo preamplifier JC-2 monoblock layout ultimate performance PCB set !

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This is an ultimate incarnation of the legendary preamplifier JC-2, taking a modular board approach.

The projects consists of three boards. The main board contains the coupling, feedback components and DC power lines and features a monoblock structure.

The two modules contain the broadband high current gain circuitry for left and right channel respectively.

In our test , when incorporating with our Kubota power supply kit, the preamplifier gives a very refined , detailed sound, extended low end and big soundstage.

On bench the circuit measured to have low distortion and broadband.

Operating voltage : DC input +/-18V 50mA per channel.

PCB dimension : Main board - 178mm x 153mm. Module boards : 50mm x 52mm.

PCB thickness : 2mm.

Copper thickness : 75um ( 4 times normal thickness).

Surface finishing : Double-sided solder resist for maximum reliability.

This is a kit of bare PCBs only. The assembled board picture is for reference only. We also have the kit consisting of the boards and components in our shop.

We provide schematic and part list to buyers by EMAIL.

We do air shipping worldwide at US$6.50.