Mosfet pure class A amplifier thick copper huge long stereo PCB !

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This is our latest incarnation of a performance proven class A MOSFET amplifier, with reference to F5 class A amplifier.

The PCB has a board thickness of 2mm, and copper thickness of 70um !! This is four times normal board copper thickness, and two times copper thickness of normal PCB. Besides we have made the PCB long so that the output MOSFETs can spread along the board length for even distribution of heat, in particular when the boards are to be mounted on two sides of a chassis.

PCB dimension : 298mm x 32mm

This listing contains two PCBs so that a stereo amplifier can be built with one set of this listing.

We provide schematic and part list to buyers by EMAIL( to be attached to the shipment notice).

We also have the power filtering board with reference to First Watt amplifier series that is a perfect match with this amplifier board. Please check our other auctions.

We do air shipping worldwide at US$6.00.