Mosfet pure class A amplifier ultra low loss teflon PCB !

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This is the TEFLON version of one of our best selling class A MOSFET amplifier PCBs. The product name of the original board is " Mosfet pure class A amplifier thick copper PCB !"

Here is some background information. Teflon, or Polytetrafluoroethylene, is a well-known material to have superb electrical characteristic over normal fibre-glass based board. The advantages include 10 times less of dielectric loss and higher electrical isolation.

Teflon PCB is uncommon in normal audio manufacturers( due to its cost, and much more difficult to manufacture), except the ultra High-end ones, such as Mark Levinson. We observed that Teflon PCB is used in JC's blowtorch preamplifier too. In the diy circle, Borbely is a big fan of Teflon PCB and he uncompromisingly used this kind of boards in all his kits.

Due to the low loss and low leakage property, Teflon PCB can enhance the reproduction of weak musical signal, and sonically it removes the glare that is commonly found in solid state amplifiers, restores the potential of original circuit. While it is impossible to mount components in a durable manner without a base board, using of Teflon PCB is the best choice for audio amplifier building.

PCB dimension : 105mm x 62mm

Board thickness : 1.6mm

Copper thickness : 75um( four times of normal thickness ), gold-plated surface.

This is a single channel amplifier PCB. Two PCBs are needed to form a stereo amplifier.

We provide schematic and part list to buyers by EMAIL( to be attached to the shipment notice).

We also have the power filtering board with reference to First Watt amplifier series that is a perfect match with this amplifier board. Please check our other auctions.

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