Mosfet SE class A JFET input power amp stereo PCB short version !

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This is the bare PCBs of a stereo class A MOSFET power amplifier( a set of 2 pieces) , which features low noise linear J-FET input ( such as 2SJ74BL can be used), and single-ended MOSFET output for ultimate class A performance.

This is a shorter board version of of our another item " MOSFET SE class A JFET input power amp stereo huge PCB" . The circuit is the same. The board is good for users who want for a more compact housing.

PCB thickness : 1.6mm. Copper thickness : 75um( 4 times normal thickness !!!)

Dimension : 165mm x 34mm

We provide schematic to buyers by EMAIL.

We do air shipping worldwide at US$5.00.