JFET input high speed MOSFET power amplifier PCB MP150 two pieces !

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Power Amplifier
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This is two pieces of bare PCB of an high-end, high power class AB power amplifier. The power amplifier is with reference to Goldmund's amplifier ( all have alike circuitry). The amplifier project was named MP150 and being proven in the Taiwan DIY circle. Besides being used in class AB it can be also biased to work in class A at lower output power. The original Goldmund amplifier used 2N5565 dual FET as input which is hard to find now. In this board, two matched 2SK170 can be used instead.

The boards are designed with Renesas 2SK1058/2SJ162 output MOSFETs( as in original Goldmund amplifiers). To use Toshiba MOSFETs, the D and S leads need to be crossed during soldering.

Supply voltage : +/-28VDC 3A to +/-70VDC 8A

Output power : 200Wrms ( at +/-70VDC)

Board thickness : 1.6mm

PCB Dimension : 190mm x 100mm

Copper thickness : 75um ( 4 times normal thickness !)

Surface finishing : tin-plated with double side solder resist for best durability.

We provide schematic and part list to buyers.

This is an listing for bare boards. The assembled amplifier picture is for reference only.

We do air shipping worldwide at US$7.00.