jfet buffered transformer coupled mosfet power amplifier F6 PCB 1 piece

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This is the bare PCB of a MOSFET amplifier, based on F6 power amplifier. The board uses Jensen input transformer as input coupling and preceded by a J-FET buffer to allow a high input impedance. While F6 used SiC power JFETs, the same circuit can be used with conventional MOSFETs. In our verification normal mosfets were used with excellent performance.

In this board, there is a provision of adding a smaller cap( say a MKP film cap) in parallel to the big electrolytic cap ( 1000uF) so that the high frequency performance can be improved due to the reduction in ESR of overall capacitor.


Working voltage is +/-24VDC.

The two output mosfets separation is the same as another board - Borbely hybrid power amplifier so that the same heatsink for the Borbely amp can be used for this board.

This is a single channel amplifier PCB. Two PCBs are needed to form a stereo amplifier.


PCB dimension : 210mm x 65mm.



PCB thickness : 1.6mm, 2 oz ( 75um thickness copper) deposition which is FOUR times normal process of copper thickness.


Gold plated surface.



We provide adjustment guide/schematic and part list to customers by EMAIL.




The assembled boards pictures are for reference only. This listing is for one piece of bard PCB.



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