jfet buffered transformer coupled mosfet power amp F6 PCB long verion 1 pair !

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This is a pair of bare PCB of a stereo MOSFET or SiC enhanced type JFET amplifier, based on F6 power amplifier. The board uses Jensen input transformer as input coupling and preceded by a J-FET buffer to allow a high input impedance. While F6 used SiC power JFETs, the same circuit can be used with conventional MOSFETs. In our verification normal mosfets were used with excellent performance.

The boards were designed to be mounted on wing type of heatsink or  L-shape plate to interface to flat surface of heatsink.

The two boards were arranged so they are almost mirror-imaged to each other and very suitable for mounting on chassis' left and right side.


For those who wants for shorter boards, or to mount the power mosfets on flat heatsink surface instead of using L-shape mounting plates or wing-type heatsinks, we also offer another F6 PCB. Just do a search of F6 in our shop.


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