super low distortion high voltage power amplifier driver stereo PCB !

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Power Amplifier
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This is a super low distortion ( 0.005% typical at 10Vrms,no load) power amplifier driver board to be used with IC LM4702.

By using this board, the overall power amplifier circuit can be greatly simplified by just interface the board to a VBE multiplier circuit and the power transistors. Most important of all, such built power amplifier is very robust and performance guaranteed, due to the superb audio specifications of LM4702. At a maximum supply voltage of +/-100V, LM4702 can allow an output swing of over 50Vrms and thus over 250W power when driving bipolar transistors in class AB mode !

PCB dimension : 120mm x 70mm

Board thickness : 1.6mm

Copper thickness : 75um( four times normal thickness !)

Supply voltage : +/-20V DC to +/-100V DC , 100mA


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