TDA1543 x4 CS8412/14 NOS DAC PCB w/ vibration proof clock PCB highly musical !!

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This is a set of two pieces ( the main board and the clock board) bare PCBs for an audiophile grade DAC, using the highly musical Philips TDA1543 chips, four chips in parallel. Philips TDA15xx series of 16-bit DAC chip is a legend, and is still one of the best DAC chips, regardless of number of bits and sampling rate. Subjectively, TDA1543 gives a even more vivid sound than TDA1541 when correctly implemented. By means of four DAC chips in parallel, the performance of TDA1543 is fully extracted.

Features :

1. Non-oversampling ( no digital filtering) mode for best musicality ;

2. Internal clock or external clock settable by dip switch ;

3. Internal clock daughter board mechanically loosely coupled to the main board for vibration proof and minimize mechanical jitter ;

4. Careful grounding and routing to minimize noise pick-up.

As numerous TFDA1543 DAC incarnations have been done, this set of boards can also serve a test bed for DIY experimentation.


PCB thickness : 2mm


Copper thickness : 2 ounce copper ( 70um !) , gold-plated surface for utmost reliability.


We provide schematic to buyers by EMAIL.