Tube buffer 6N3 stereo assembled w/WIMA output caps !31.99

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This is a tube buffer assembled board using 6N3 tube. 

The board is enhanced at the output by WIMA 2.2uF capacitor. Most of the similar board used 1uF capacitor which is just too small to play bass frequency below 100Hz when the load is 3Kohm or below.

The board requires 12V-15V AC input. It cannot be fed by DC because it has voltage doubler circuit that need AC.

Specification :

Board dimension : 115mm x 67mm

Input power : AC12V-15V 350mA

Output load : 3K or above

Gain : 0dB

Frequency Response : 40Hz to 40KHz ( down 2dB)

Note : those boards using 1uF output cap has frequency output roll off below 100Hz with loading 10Kohm or below.




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