Tube pre-amplifier stereo line stage CAT SL-1 simplified 1 piece stereo !

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This is the bare PCB of a tube line stage pre-amplifier with reference to the legendary Convergence Audio Technology (CAT) SL-1. The original circuit is a bit complicated and not so user friendly for DIYers. This board is simplified by changing the active load of the three stages into resistive loading. By so doing, not only the circuit is highly simplified, the chance of circuit failure due to active load's mosfet failure is also removed( original circuit's small power mosfets are vulnerable to voltage breakdown) .

Supply voltage : 260Vdc for the High tension portion ; 12.6Vdc and 6.3V for the filament portion.

We provide schematic with this auction by EMAIL to buyers.



PCB dimension : 153mm x 228mm.


PCB thickness : 2mm, 2 oz ( 75um thickness !!) copper deposition, gold-plated surface, double-sided solder resist for maximum durability.