Tube stereo preamplifier massive soundstage musical matisse fantasy assembled !

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This is an assembled kit of a very good sound tube amplifier , with reference to the legendary Matisse Fantasy line stage. This is the newest version with improved routing for better performance.

This incarnation features :

1. using of GE JAN 5670 tube per channel. Two pieces of GE JAN 5670 on board in total are needed. The tubes ARE NOT included with this listing.

2. Dale and low noise low thermal drift resistors on the board.

3. Philips power filtering capacitors.

4. High quality volume control potentiometer.

5. Vishay film capacitors for audio coupling.

Performance : very musical midrange, extended high frequency, excellent bass and massive sound.

Supply voltage : 60VACx1 200mA , 8VAC( or 9VAC) 1A.

Gain : 10 times.

PCB dimension : 132mm x 99mm

The board is assembled and tested. User only need to connect to appropriate power transformer and audio connectors.

We do air shipping worldwide at US$7.00.