Bal/unbal input tube preamplifier stereo !

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This is an assembled kit of an audiophile grade stereo preamplifier. Each channel make use of a single low noise tube to implement the amplification. Either 6922 or 6N11 can be used. The board includes a pair of China 6N11 tube

The preamplifier can allow balanced or unbalanced input. The output is in unbalanced mode. This allow for the input of any balanced and unbalaned sources.

High quality components are populated on the board. This includes filtering capacitors from Nippon chemi-con, Rubycon, high quality low temperature coefficient 1% metal film resistors and IC's new old stock film capacitors on the coupling path .

Due to the use a single tube per channel the preampifier can provide superb transparent music and tube's signature midrange clarify that cannot be surpassed by normal solid state amplifiers.

Board Dimension : 152mm x 136mm.

Supply voltage : rail voltage - AC 48V to 90V; filament voltage - DC 6.3V 350mA on each tube.

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