30W class A amplifier stereo PCB based on Sugen A21 Signature

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This is a set of two pieces of bare PCB of a stereo class A amplifier based on Sugen A21 Signature power amplifier section ( A21SE is an integrated amplifier).

Here is a review comment of Sugen A2 Signature from 6moon Feb 2008: Should you favor realism, body, musical flow and rich mids -- i.e. fatigue-free purity and black backgrounds -- this amp is among the best I've yet encountered. 

The MSRP of Sugen A21SE is over US$5K.


The amplifier can deliver 30W output power into 8 ohm and 40W into 4 ohm loading.

We provide schematic and part list to buyers by EMAIL.


PCB thickness : 1.6mm. 


PCB dimension : 65mm x 226mm per piece


Copper Thickness : 75um ( four times normal thickness !!) tin-plated.


In order to maximize the performance, there is no soldermask on the boards surface to minimize plastic effect of audio signal.


The assembled board is for reference. This listing is for two pieces of bare amplifier PCBs.

The two boards( that is, left and right) are arrange in symmetric layout.