75W 5A DC-DC converter adjustable voltage with 7-segment LED readout !

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This is an assembled board of DC-DC converter module. It can offer 75W of power, and a maximum of 5A of current. It can be used as a standard power supply, or for audio application that do not have critical requirement on noise performance.

The board includes a 3 digital LED voltmeter to read the input/output ( toggle by a button) voltage. The voltmeter error is +/-0.05V. The display can also be turned off by toggling another button.

The board includes a heatsink that can be attached to the DC-DC converter IC, and 4 pieces of standoff to mount the board onto chassis.

Supply voltage : +4.5VDC to +38VDC.

Output voltage : +1.25VDC to +36VDC.

Dimension : 66mmx39mmx18mm

We provide a connection diagram to users by email.

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