Discrete dual opamp Earth bare PCB JFET input /output high biasing current !

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This is the PCBs of two discrete opamp Earth to be assembled for DIP-8 package. 

The design features :

1. JFET input ;

2. JFET output ;

3. high operating current ( 60mA@ +/-15Vdc )

The finished opamp can be used to replace standard single opamp.

The open loop gain is 33dB. It is recommended for amplifier circuit with gain not more than 25dB.

As a high speed and high current design, the sound is precise and warm, without the forward and muddy character in most single chip opamp in the market.



The listing is for a set of two pieces of bare boards. The assembled opamp is for reference only.

Specification :

Open loop gain : 33dB.

Operating current : 60mA@+/-15VDC

Operating voltage :+/-9V to +/-25V

We provide schematic/part list to buyers.

Shipping cost : US$4.50 worldwide.