Kubota low noise regulator plus high speed bridge rectified and filtering PCB !!

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This is the bare PCB of kubota regulator , plus the high current rectification section, all on one board. The high current rectification is responsible by the renowned MUR3060 high speed diodes using one piece in parallel to give super high current headroom and ultra low loss to serve power amplifier application.

This board can be used with integrated amplifier that the Kubota for preamplifier, and the high current for power amplifier, or the board can be used with very high end power amplifier, that the Kubota section is for voltage gain section and the high current section is for output stage.

The board also features MONOBLOCK arrangement. Each board consists of two individual Kubota regulator, and two individual high current bridge rectification and filtering section.

Background of Kubota regulator : Kubota regulator is designed to have lowest impedance in the audio frequency. Bench tests have done to find Kubota regulator ( low voltage version) to be as good as SLC battery and far better than normal regulator ICs. It is also renowned for high speed and low noise. It is one of the best regulator circuit for audio application.

We provide schematics and part list to the buyers by EMAIL.

PCB thickness : 1.6mm.

Copper thickness : 2 ounce ( 70um -- four times normal copper thickness!)

PCB dimension : 200mm x 168mm.

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