Kubota low noise regulator PCB with enhanced filtering cap arrays !!

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This is a new version of our very popular Kubota regulator, enhanced with filtering caps arrays. The filtering caps can be a number of Panasonic ( or similar size) 470uF FC or FM audio caps in parallel. Up to 10 pieces per rail in parallel can be implemented. This new version further lowered the capacitor series inductance and enhanced high frequency performance of the regulator.


History : Kubota regulator was designed by Audio hobbyist guru Kubota in the 1980s'. The design mission was to have lowest impedance in the audio frequency.  A number of tests have done to verify that Kubota regulator is as good as battery and far better than normal regulator ICs. It is also renowned for high speed and low noise. It is one of the best regulator circuits for audio application.


Specifications : Input voltage : 9Vx2 AC to 48Vx2 AC


Output voltage: +/-12V to +/-65V.


Noise : <0.1mV


Maximum current : 500mA



We provide schematics and part list to buyers by EMAIL.


PCB thickness : 1.6mm.


Copper thickness : 2 ounce ( 70um -- four times normal copper thickness!)


PCB dimension : 150mm x 76mm.

Note : The assembled board picture is for reference. This listing is for bare board one piece per listing.







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