Kubota low noise regulator full blown version kit !!

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This is a listing of a full kit of kubota regulator.

Kubota is one of the popular audio designer in Japan. In the 1980's Kubota designed and optimized a regulator circuit for the audio frequency band and published it in the MJ magazine thus this famous circuit.

Over the years innumerable Kubota regulators were built, and received rave comments. It is renowned for high speed, low noise and low impedance and probably one of the best regulation circuit for audio application.


Specifications : Input voltage : 9Vx2 AC to 33Vx2 AC


Output voltage: +/-12V to +/-45V.


Noise : Maximum current : 500mA


PCB thickness : 2mm.


Copper thickness : 2 ounce ( 70um)!


PCB dimension : 120mm x 76mm.


The kit contains all components, including the low noise Toshiba NPN/PNP transistors, constant current diodes, reference voltage IC, fast recovery diodes. In addition, high quality capacitors from Wima, Nichicon KZ are used. All resistors are of the 1% low noise metal film type. The large filtering capacitors are Rubycon 2200uF 63V.




The assembled board picture is for reference. This is an unassembled kit.