Kubota low noise regulator full blown version PCB !!

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This is an auction of the bare PCB of the kubota regulator with bridge rectification and large decoupling capacitors in place.


Kubota regulator is designed to have lowest impedance in the audio frequency. A number of tests have done to verify that Kubota regulator is as good as battery and far better than normal regulator ICs. It is also renowned for high speed and low noise. It is one of the best regulator circuit for audio application.


Specifications : Input voltage : 9Vx2 AC to 48Vx2 AC


Output voltage: +/-12V to +/-65V.


Noise : Maximum current : 500mA



We provide schematics and part list to the buyers by EMAIL.



PCB thickness : 2mm.


Copper thickness : 2 ounce ( 70um -- four times normal copper thickness!)


PCB dimension : 120mm x 76mm.