Low noise High Current dual power supply LT1083CP partial kit !

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This listing is a  LT1083CP low noise power supply partial kit. LT1083 family has been famous as a low noise low impedance design being used in audio circuitry like DAC circuitry , filament powering, to name a few.

The board contains two individual power supply circuits, so that when appropriately implemented, the power supply can be configured as either a single voltage power supply or dual rail supply for various applications. The adjustable voltage range is from +5V to +30V( single rail) and +/-5V to +/-30V( dual rail).


The partial kit includes :

1. The PSU PCB with thick copper and gold plating ;

2. Two used but 100% tested LT1083CP ;

3. Two Panasonic 3300uF filtering caps ;

4. Two heavy duty heatsink for LT1083CP.

Other components are NOT included.  


Operating voltage : 5VAC to 25VAC 



PCB dimension : 131mm x 57mm.


Board thickness : 2mm .
Board color : Green.
PCB finishing : 75um copper thickness with gold plating surface. Both side has solder mask coated for maximum durability.