Mosfet SE class A JFET input power amp stereo huge PCB!

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This is the bare PCBs of a stereo class A MOSFET power amplifier( a set of 2 pieces) , which features low noise linear J-FET input ( either 2SJ109BL or matched 2SJ74BL can be used), and single-ended MOSFET output for ultimate class A performance.

Being a symmetrical layout, the boards can be mounted on the left and right of a channel and form a symmetric arrangement for identical wiring and thus performance of the left and right channel.We design the boards to have exceptional long length such that the power MOSFETs can be located along the PCB to facilitate heat spread when mounting on huge heatsinks.

PCB thickness : 2mm. Copper thickness : 75um( 4 times normal thickness !!!)

Dimension : 328mm x 31mm

We provide schematic and part list to the buyers by EMAIL.

We do air shipping worldwide at US$5.50.