Phono stage RIAA PCB stereo ANK LP3 Pt to Pt version one piece !

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Note on 6 May 2019 : The boards are now 2mm in thickness( copper thickness inclusive) and gold immersed on surface.

This is the bare PCB of a tube-based phono stage pre-amplifier board with reference to the well accepted ANK L3. The design uses three 12AY7 triodes.

NOTE : This is the point to point version. Users need to follow the silkscreen printing on the board to put bend the component legs and connecting the components together. This requires much more work than the tracked version.



PCB dimension : 171mm x 153mm


PCB thickness : 2.0mm

Copper thickness : 70um, gold immersed surface.
Supply voltage : +260VDC( HT section) 10mA , +12VDC 400mA ( filament section)
We provide schematic, a brief construction note and part list to buyers by EMAIL.