Resistor volume control 256 steps unbalanced stereo w/ highly reliable relays !!

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Note on 5 Nov 2015 : This very popular volume control board is now equipped with highly reliable relays from famous Japan brand Takamisawa !


This is the latest incarnation of our resistor step volume control that can get to a fine adjustment of 256 steps ! It is an assembled kit, with the control done by a number of resistors and relays to complete the switch combination for minimal noise and distortion. This is an unbalanced version for users who do not need full balance connection.


Low noise, low temperature coefficient mil grade 1% metal film resistors are used in the resistor network of the audio path for best sonic performance. ( Please do not confuse those resistors with low cost resistors)


The design is an audio level volume control, and either it is used as a passive preamplifier or it can be mated with ANY active preamplifier. We offer a number of preamplifier kits in our other auctions that can match well with this high quality volume switch. This is the most transparent volume control we have encountered.


Input Impedance : Between 1M to 10K, the frequently used levels between 20K to 50K

Output Impedance : 4K to 1M, the frequently used levels between 4K to 30K
(Note : This is a R2R type attenuator. Therefore the input and output impedance varies with position)
Board Dimension : 80mm x 50mm.


Supply voltage : AC 12V to 15V or DC +15V to +18V
Each board come with a 50K potentiometer to control a DC level for specific relay setting. Audio signal does not pass through the 50K potentiometer. It is for control purpose only.