TDA7294 /TDA7293 w/ speaker protection amplifer PCB clearance sales 60% discount

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This is the PCB of a stereo TDA7294 or TDA7293 amplifier with speaker protection circuit. TDA 7294 or TDA793 are renowned for their MOSFET output stage to give tube like sound. The circuit is a standard circuit. We add the speaker protection using uPC1237 which is also a very robust and popular IC for such application. The rectifier stage is included. When fully assembled, only AC voltage of 26Vx2 is required for the power input.

PCB dimension: 14cm x 8cm. PCB thickness 1.6mm. Super thick copper ( 1.6oz) is used, which is three times the normal thickness. This PCB serves both the left and right channels. The board has a slight error as shown on the last picture. It can be fixed by scratching away some of the solder resist next to pin 15 of one of the ICs and solder pin 15 to the track.

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