Vishay high speed lowloss diode module for high speed power rectification 1 pc !

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This listing is for ONE pieces of bridge rectifier module, forming by using four pieces of Vishay VS-HFA08SD60S-M3 HEXFRED Ultrafast soft recovery diode.

These diodes has voltage rating of 600V, 8A and recovery time of 18nS ! This is way better than the conventional silicon diodes. Now these diodes are mounted on a modular PCB so that the board can be inserted into standard bridge rectifier footprint easily. Several of our PSU PCBs can be used with this diode module, such as item 220820887579, 321329767689, 220441812283 and 221153840212.

The picture below illustrates how two pieces of diode modules are to be installed in our PSU board. This listing is for only ONE piece of diode module.