Magic Eye Tube 6E2 EM84 assembled board for power amp signal indication !

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On list is an assembled board of magic eye tube 6E2 ( an equivalent of EM84) audio level indicator board. The tube illuminates as a charming indicator for all tube and vintage lovers. This board is designed to be connected to power amplifier speaker terminal. Each board contains a trimmer pot to adjust biasing of the tube and another trimmer pot for audio input signal strength adjustment.

The board requires a supply voltage of 170Vdc to 250Vdc 10mA , and filament voltage of 6Vac (or 6Vdc) at 350mA. This can be done by an appropriate transformer and simplistic rectifier circuitry.

We provide a connection diagram( we do not provide schematic) to buyers by email. The board can function once connected to appropriate power supply.

Each board can serve one audio channel. For indication of two channels such as stereo, two boards are needed.

Air shipping worldwide is US$5.00. We welcome combined shipping.

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