Magic Eye Tube 6E5C board for low level full kit !

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On list is a kit of magic eye tube 6E5C audio level indicator board. The tube illuminates as a charming indicator for all tube and vintage lovers. This board is designed to be matched with the output level of audio source, pre-amplifier and power amplifier with adjustable sensitivity. Each board can serve one audio channel.

The board requires a supply voltage of 170Vdc to 250Vdc 10mA , and filament voltage of 6Vac or 6Vdc at 350mA. This can be done by an appropriate transformer and simplistic rectifier circuitry.

When the input level is appropriately adjusted ( by the on-board potentiometer), the tube green opening will change with level. The maximum extent of the movement is within a quadrant ( or about 90 to 100 degree)as shown in the picture. The opening would not alter beyond the degree thus mentioned. Please do not expect the green light will move around the whole ring as in modern LED bars.

Each listing includes the bare board , a high quality ceramic base tube socket and all the components for the board EXCEPT the 6E5C tube and the four pieces of standoff as shown in the picture.


For those who want to include the 6E5C tube, an additional US$24.00 is needed on top of the item list price and shipping cost. We deliver either ex-USSR made or China made 6E5C depending on the stock availability. In terms of function and performance they are the same.

The board thickness is 1.6mm, 35um copper with tin plated surface.


This is a kit, and requires soldering to complete it. The assembled board picture is to illustrate the final form, and its function and for assembly reference.

We provide the schematic and part list to buyers by EMAIL.


Board Dimension is 86mm x 60mm.



We ship worldwide at US$4.70 using registered airmail.









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